Friday Dec 15

Caring 4 Aussie Kids Club

The shocking reality is that Australia – the lucky country - is not immune to child poverty, a condition we associate with third world countries. Here at home, half of all Indigenous and 1 in 7 non Indigenous children live in poverty, the impact of which can have profound long term negative consequences for our children, the communities they live in and our country as a whole.

Statistics show that Australian children experiencing poverty suffer both short and long term effects. In the short term there may be hardship and deprivation from lack of food and basic amenities like shoes. In the long term, poor educational achievements limit employment opportunities and may sentence those who have suffered child poverty to a life long struggle to survive. These statistics however, simply do not adequately describe the little faces of our kids in need who can never be sure of receiving the basics in life like shoes.

With many parents having to make painful decisions between paying the power bill or buying food or shoes, children often arrive at school hungry or with inadequate shoes or no shoes at all. The situation worsens during winter or the rainy season, seeing many of these children stay at home because they don’t have proper shoes to protect their little feet from the cold and wet. The challenges of learning are overwhelming because when a child is cold, wet, tired or hungry, they find it extremely hard to concentrate and retain information.

Disadvantaged children facing these daily challenges are simply not ready or able to learn properly and as a result do worse on reading, math and other tests, get sick more often, have more medical problems (dizziness, lethargy, stomach and earaches) and shortened life expectancy. The consequences are cumulative, seeing these vulnerable kids – through no fault of their own - fall further and further behind in school and until it seems impossible to ever catch up. Failure to meet even minimum academic standards can lead to the inevitable lifelong dependency on the unemployment benefit and failure.

And so, the cycle of poverty continues…. But it doesn’t have to. Education equals opportunity and for disadvantaged children living in poverty, it represents their best opportunity to escape the poverty trap for the chance of a brighter, happier, healthier education. Click here to join our “Caring 4 Aussie Kids Club” today and support our practical “at the coal face” programs that will really help kids in your local region

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